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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: blocks-fw samples etc. (was Re: What is the deal with "blocks")
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 06:13:11 GMT

On Jan 7, 2007, at 6:30 AM, Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Mark Lundquist wrote:
>> On Dec 28, 2006, at 10:00 AM, Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>>> Also: how do I run the sample/demo from cocoon-blocks-fw?
>>> Haven't tried it for some time but if you follow the getting started 
>>> guide at 
>>> and add the sample block as further dependency to the myWebapp 
>>> module (make sure that you have installed them to the local Maven 
>>> repo before), you should be able to run them.

I don't think so, now that I know the archetypes are for 
1.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT (or something like that...)?  But see below...

> I'm not sure what the difference between cocoon-blocks-fw-sample, 
> cocoon-blocks-fw-demo1 and cocoon-blocks-fw-demo2 is. 
> cocoon-blocks-fw-sample contains three service servlets with a 
> 'parent/child' and a 'uses' connection.

I look at them a little bit.  -sample is as you described, and where 
for each of the three services the embedded servlet is a 
SitemapServlet.  In the case of -demo*, the embedded servlets are 
custom extensions of HttpServlet.  -demo1 depends on -demo2 and has a 
connection to it.

But anyway...

>> 2) How do I install them to my local Maven repo?
> Use 'mvn install'.

OK, that's all you meant :-)

> If you invoke the Maven build from cocoon/trunk, the demos should 
> already be part of it.

yes... and, it turns out that the -sample and -demo* are now included 
in the dependencies for cocoon-webapp.  So, I had them all along.  
However, I have no clue what URI to request to access these samples.  I 
poked around for a long time trying to figure it out, but with no luck 
(I'm still just trying to figure out all this stuff, and learn Maven in 
the process etc.).  Any clues for me?


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