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From "Peter Hunsberger" <>
Subject Re: [graphics] Masthead artwork for
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:04:49 GMT
On 1/19/07, Thien <> wrote:
> Thanks Helma,
> A little explanation to the visuals.
> 1. Typical masthead design, the dark area has the word "cocoon" drawn in
> a Lego-like look .

I like this one a lot but the "cocoon" is hard to see on a color
matched monitor with the contrast and brightness correctly set, I
think you need to bump up the contrast.

> 2. Tried a few other colors, find that green match quite well with the
> logo's blue, here's a simple and nice layout, with a bit of Web2.0 touch

The green seems a bit too bright for me, I like the bottom blue area.
The bottom blue with the tag line might make a very good combination
if combined with the top bar from number 1.

> 3. Trying to describe the lightness and agility of cocoon with randomly
> positioned square that can be taken out or repositioned without
> affecting each other....ok, maybe not too obvious :D

Sort of neat, a little bit too pastel for me, maybe try it with
slightly bolder colors?  Where do you envision  the "Search" going on
this one?

> 4. Cocoon and nature, probably not the most appropriate association, but
> I wish this tells something about the framework's being easy and
> friendly to use.

Interesting, a little heavy on the left hand side, maybe the Cocoon
logo could move, or the hills and cluds could be more evenly
distributed?  It seems to take up maybe just a bit too much vertical
real estate.

> Some modifications need to be made to the left navigation to match the
> new masthead, once it has been chosen.

I've been critiquing this kind of stuff for too many years, so don't
take me too seriously, it seems to be a habit to nit pick this kinds
of stuff to death... Overall I've got to say that you've done some
really good work heref, I'm impressed.

Peter Hunsberger

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