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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: viewing intermediate XML with profiler (was Re: Running Cocoon in debugger)
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 22:22:06 GMT
Hi Lars,

On Jan 9, 2007, at 9:49 AM, Lars Huttar wrote:

> Ah, wait... I get it. By clicking on "422ms" (how intuitive!), or  
> "xslt (testpage.xsl)" (better), you get the XML output.
> Then you dig through the sample code, and discover that the profile  
> generator takes URL parameters (not sitemap parameters) "result" and  
> "component" that tell it to emit information about a particular output  
> of a particular component.
> E.g.  
> http://localhost/samples/blocks/profiler/profile.html?key= 
> -9147137934425539743&result=0&component=1&cocoon-view=content
> I guess the profile2.html view makes this a little more obvious, but  
> only after you discover that the "0" under "Last" is a link, and that  
> it might be something worthwhile to click on!

If you want to improve the profiler web interface and you have the time  
to do it, please do it and drop a patch on JIRA (see below)...

> has some  
> of this information; it would be good to have a link from  
> to the  
> latter. I've added a comment to that page in Daisy (does anybody read  
> those comments?)

Not sure... :-/

> It would also be helpful to put an explanatory note about that on the  
> sample page:
> http://localhost/samples/blocks/profiler/profile.html?key= 
> -9147137934425539743
> could say at the top, "Click on a time to view the relevant XML result  
> from that component."
> I agree, this is very useful functionality, but not very easy to  
> discover. Hence its value for newcomers, who need it most, is greatly  
> diminished.
> I think I would like to rework this sample to be more illuminating,  
> and submit it for committing.

I think ideally if you could make the profiler page itself more  
intuitive and/or add some explanatory text there (maybe)... then if  
more is needed on the sample page, it could be added.  In other words,  
if the profiler page sucks, let's not just leave it that way and rely  
on the sample page to explain it, instead let's improve it as much as  
possible and if it still isn't self-explanatory, enhance the sample to  
bridge the gap.

>  I would also be happy to work on improving the documentation pages.

That would be great, too.  You'll need to spend a little time in the  
docs area at to orient yourself, and Helma or  
Reinhard or somebody can hook you up with a Diasy login with  
"doc-editor" privileges, then you are set.

> Can somebody tell me the process for getting changes approved and  
> committed?

Right here:

As for getting them "approved", it seems like it's more of a "do first"  
approach in this community.  You'll have to show them what you've got,  
in the form of a patch... and then, hopefully someday the patch will be  
accepted.  You don't need any pre-approval to submit a patch, but  
neither is there any guarantee it'll be accepted.  Sometimes further  
discussion is warranted, or the patch will be accepted w/ some  
modifications.  I have a few patches in limbo on JIRA that I'd very  
much like to see accepted, so maybe it's time I made some noise :-)

In any case, you're to be commended for wanting to improve both the  
code and the docs together :-) :-) :-)

best regards,

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