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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject Re: trouble w/ cocoon-webapp + Eclipse + Jetty Launcher
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 22:30:15 GMT

On Jan 15, 2007, at 1:16 PM, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:


Thanks, Daniel.  I think I must be misunderstanding something, though.   
When I pull up the Jetty Web configuration panel, it doesn't have "Use
custom webdefaults config file" exactly, but I have a box marked "Use a  
Jetty XML configuration file" and I presume that's the same thing.   
When I select that option with "webdefault.xml", it breaks with this: Jetty configuration problem:  
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown tag: description
	at org.mortbay.jetty.Server.<init>(
	at com.iw.plugins.jettyrunner.PluginRunner.launch(
	at com.iw.plugins.jettyrunner.PluginRunner.main(

(<description> is the first child of <web-app> in the webdefault.xml  

Sorry for being so lame, to atone for it I will add all this to the  
docs once I have it working :-/

P.S. The comment in webdefault.xml seems awfully disparaging about  
RequestAttributeListeners, whatever those are...

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