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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject What is the deal with "pipelines" :-) (was Re: What is the deal with "blocks")
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 21:29:51 GMT

On Jan 3, 2007, at 9:29 AM, Alexander Klimetschek wrote:

> BTW: In sitemaps you have multiple usage of the term "pipeline": there 
> is the element <pipeline> which typically contains multiple matcher 
> with their own pipeline - so you have pipelines there. And inside of 
> act statements you have "internal" pipelines where at the same time 
> you can declare a <pipeline> as internal-only="true"... All a bit 
> confusing to me ;-)

Yes... informally we use the term "pipeline" all the time to mean 
"matcher or selector", which is different from the formal meaning of 
the sitemap <pipeline> (which is more like a network of pipes than a 
single pipe).  I've never been able come up with a satisfying 
unambiguous nomenclature.

I think at one point I was also considering trying to introduce the 
term "subpipeline" in some documentation that I haven't yet got around 
to writing.  I think I probably would have used that to to mean any 
sequence of components, where "pipeline" would have continued to mean a 
full pipeline that originates with generation and terminates with 

If my proposed new matching language for the sitemap catches on, then 
there will be no more <select>, so we could just start using the term 
"matchers" for some of the things we today refer to colloquially as 

The language "internal pipeline" for <act> is probably a poor choice of 
wording, "subpipeline" is probably better.  BTW these are no different 
than the subpipelines (to use my new term) inside a nested matcher or 
selector (or resource).

stuff to think about... :-)

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