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From Thien <>
Subject Re: [graphics] Masthead artwork for
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2007 02:39:47 GMT
Thanks everyone for the comment so far.

> #3 My first impression: the kitchen tiles of Mum's kitchen. ;-)
*Oops, now you remind me, though I didn't create this with that in mind :D
But I think it looks simple but unique at the same time.*
> #4 Although I like the lightness and the colors, I immediately got an 
> association with Windows XP's default theme, also dubbed here 
> "TeleTubby theme". If you could change the link to "nature" (after all 
> a 'cocoon' is a natural thing) to something different this one would 
> really stand out.
*+1. There probably isn't enough details going into the drawing.*
> I've been critiquing this kind of stuff for too many years, so don't
> take me too seriously, it seems to be a habit to nit pick this kinds
> of stuff to death...
*No worries, it actually helps a lot :D I will improve the design 
further once a final one has been picked. (#2 or #3 so far.)*
> The #2 design incorporating that text sort of elevates this phrase to 
> the level of a slogan, which I don't like. OTOH, I think /something/ 
> needs to go there :-).. the design now would, to my eye, look 
> incomplete without it! Some kind of text, but what?
*Yeah, I can change it.*


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