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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject viewing intermediate XML with profiler (was Re: Running Cocoon in debugger)
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 17:49:50 GMT
On 1/4/2007 11:49 PM, Mark Lundquist wrote (on
>> Next step is to figure out how to use this to trace data flow through 
>> the sitemap.
> You might take a look here:
I've been looking into the profiler, and indeed have used it before for 
profiling (finding out how long various pipelines take).
What I don't see is how to view the XML that passes from one component 
to another. says you 
can do this but doesn't tell how.

Ah, wait... I get it. By clicking on "422ms" (how intuitive!), or "xslt 
(testpage.xsl)" (better), you get the XML output.
Then you dig through the sample code, and discover that the profile 
generator takes URL parameters (not sitemap parameters) "result" and 
"component" that tell it to emit information about a particular output 
of a particular component.
I guess the profile2.html view makes this a little more obvious, but 
only after you discover that the "0" under "Last" is a link, and that it 
might be something worthwhile to click on! has some of 
this information; it would be good to have a link from to the 
latter. I've added a comment to that page in Daisy (does anybody read 
those comments?)

It would also be helpful to put an explanatory note about that on the 
sample page:
could say at the top, "Click on a time to view the relevant XML result 
from that component."

I agree, this is very useful functionality, but not very easy to 
discover. Hence its value for newcomers, who need it most, is greatly 
I think I would like to rework this sample to be more illuminating, and 
submit it for committing. I would also be happy to work on improving the 
documentation pages.
Can somebody tell me the process for getting changes approved and 
committed? I'm familiar with SVN, just don't know who to talk to in the 
Cocoon project.


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