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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject versions in Jira
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 23:46:13 GMT
On 05.01.2007 00:21, Jörg Heinicke (JIRA) wrote:

>        Resolution: Fixed
>     Fix Version/s: 2.2-dev (Current SVN)
>                    2.1.11-dev (current SVN)

I wonder how we manage those versions. It seems to be quite strange:
Issues fixed in 2.1.9:
In 2.1.10:
In 2.1.11-dev:

It seems that both the renaming and the handling of the properties 
themselves are done wrongly:

1. 2.1.9-dev got correctly renamed to 2.1.9, but having 2.1.9-dev in 
"Affects Versions" lets it view quite strange as the bug seems to be in 
2.1.9 and is fixed in that version as well.
2. For 2.1.10-dev it seems to be even worse. I guess it was directly 
renamed to 2.1.11-dev - which now makes all version infos in those bugs 

How it must be handled:
1. As soon as a bug gets fixed the "Current SVN" version MUST be removed 
from "Affects versions". As it is already fixed having it there is also 
no longer correct.
2. The X.Y.Z-dev version must be renamed to X.Y.Z after a release and a 
new entry created for X.Y.Z+1-dev and not the other way around.

Otherwise we provide wrong information on issues in Jira.

I'll fix the above for 2.1.10-dev => 2.1.11-dev.


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