Hi Jeremy,
been quite busy in the last days but had some progresses anyway in the imagemap side:
the quick'n'dirty solution (with a modified version of the buildQueryString function) is properly working, updating the map at every click. So cool stuff!
Probably not worth committing the whole js stuff for sending imagemap.x and imagemap.y request-params (as it's based on the 2.1.9 ajax support) but maybe only the ImageMap.java widget support for BrowserUpdate (via autoadding to form.updatedWidgets).

On 11/25/06, Jeremy Quinn <jeremy@apache.org> wrote:
Ciao Gabriele



regards Jeremy

PS. Are you sure this will look good though ? If what you are doing
is just re-centering the map on the new coords, I'd be tempted to
write a Dojo WIdget to handle this itself, give you a smooth scroll
to the new centre (everyone is used to Google Maps etc.) rather than
replace the image using BrowserUpdate. (Just my humble opinion ;))

You were right though, probably the best solution is to implement a dojo widget for handling map and feature update client side (also because I'm not allowed to add arbitrary content on the map, say POI, after the browser update transformer, or at least I don't like a tricky solution).
A good point to start may be this [1]. WDYT?
IMHO It's pretty fast and seems "mainstream" dojo ;-)
I would like to first try integrate it, and then maybe generalize it for non tiled maps and for different POI rendering models.
I'm svn-upping the 2.1.10-dev branch so I can first check out changes you made to the ajax support before integrating or working on it.
BTW are those changes also reflected in the trunk? Just to know which is the expected longevity of the work I'm going to do ;-)



[1] http://archive.dojotoolkit.org/nightly/tests/widget/test_GoogleMap.html
(thanks to Valerio for pin-pointing me to this link ;-) )

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