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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject What is the deal with "blocks"
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2006 15:05:35 GMT
Hi, I've been wanting to ask this question in one form or another for 
at least the last year, but never gotten around to it until now... at 
various points I've scanned the archives for the early discussions 
about "real blocks", and skimmed discussions btwn. Daniel and others on 
the dev list as they went by, which by that time were too advanced for 
me to really follow...

There are two different meanings of "block", right? :-)

The first sense of "block" denotes an optional part of Cocoon, e.g. 
"forms", "batik", "html", etc.).  In 2.1 we would configure to include or exclude blocks from the build.

The second sense — I'll refer to it as "Block", with a captial "B" — is 
apparently something different, with new protocols, etc., which is 
implemented by the cocoon-blocks-fw module.

This terminology overloading is kind of confusing even to me, and I'm 
not really a newbie anymore... is there a plan to resolve the 
nomenclature issue?  Or is the intent that all of today's "blocks" will 
someday become "Blocks", or what?

Can somebody point me to the most current/definitive discussions or 
Wiki posts or whatever to help me sort out what the new "Blocks" are 
all about?

Also: how do I run the sample/demo from cocoon-blocks-fw?

many thx,

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