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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Looking for help in upcoming release
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 16:29:11 GMT

On 16 Dec 2006, at 02:20, Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> Hello Gary,
> thanks very much for your efforts. Such extensive testing is very  
> welcome of course.
> On 15.12.2006 17:48, Stewart, Gary wrote:


>> Forms
>> -----
>> The Capatcha form didn't work in the Forms example (it didn't show  
>> the string) and the Batik Block seemed to be working ok.
> Unfortunately that's a side effect of linking trunk sources into  
> the branch. The Captcha only works with the new JXTemplateGenerator  
> from the template block but not with the one from branch core.  
> While on trunk the one from template block is for sure correctly  
> registered as "jx" it is the old one on the branch. The new one is  
> named "newjx" there.
> Don't know how to solve it without risking to break any template  
> using jx. I could switch "jx" to "oldjx" and "newjx" to "jx", but  
> with which side effects?
> Can somebody comment where old and new differ?

I do not know.

At the recent GT we discussed the possibility of deprecating the  
CFormsTransformer, using instead the new JXTGenerator (as Ajax CForms  
only works with JXMacros and there are annoying differences between  
the schemas of the 2 generators).

It may be too early to deprecate CFormsTransformer (for this release)  
but would it be possible to replace the old JXT with the new one, so  
it can be tested more heavily?

Also on CForms, Jeroen Reijn pointed out some unsupported legacy code  
in some of the Ajax pages that needs cleaning up.

>> Lucene Block
>> ------------
>> After creating the index it the search page appeared but I  
>> couldn't seem to get any results. Didn't spend any more time on it.
> Default is http://localhost:8888/docs/index.html and - again -  
> documentation is no longer included. Don't know what direct it to  
> instead.

I fixed the indexer for both the Lucene and QueryBean blocks.

The Lucene Sample indexer now crawls http://localhost:888/samples/ 
Run the indexer and you will see quite a few exceptions while  
crawling our samples :-/

The QueryBean Samples shows an example of how to index using an  
It indexes all 'welcome.xml' files in block samples.

regards Jeremy

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