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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Are the component configurations part of our contract?
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2006 12:10:58 GMT
Carsten have started to convert some of our components (FileGenerator, 
DOMParser, SAXParser and EntityManager) from Avalon managed to Spring 
managed components. And I'd like to join the work and try to make in the 
first step the pipeline layer and maybe some important blocks Spring 

The main reasons for this is that it makes our components reusable and 
that it makes it much easier to understand, maintain and develop Cocoon.

An important question here is if we consider the (Avalon) component 
configuration files and the role files as part of our public contract 
and if there should be a deprecation cycle for them.

IMO we shouldn't consider them part of the public contract as:
* the configurations have never been formally specified (e.g. with a 
scheme). And we have never said that it is a fixed contract.
* For the vast majority of users the configuration files have been an 
unwelcome hurdle to maintain and they have only changed a few properties 
and they will prefer to use the property mechanism for this instead of 
editing a vast central configuration file.
* It would be much work for us to maintain both Avalon and Spring 
configurability for our components.

Neither the less I think that the issue has to be discussed before we 
start to POJOfy and Springify the components.



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