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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Core split status
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:30:03 GMT
While the split of the core is far from finished, some structure is 
starting to emerge. So I'll describe what we have done, where we are 
going and open issues so that more people can participate in the work 
and discussions.

Some background

The aim with the activity is to make components that are part of Cocoon 
reusable outside Cocoon. And to make the architecture of Cocoon more 
clearly layered. The later to make Cocoon easier to understand and 
maintain. The main layers are component management, pipelines and sitemaps.

To make a component reusable outside the component should preferable be 
a POJO that has minimal dependencies and where the dependencies are 
stable and from well established projects. The second best alternative 
if the component cannot be a pure POJO is that it depends on Spring (as 
Spring framework seem to be the defacto standard for component 
management) and can be setup using standard Spring. If that is not 
possible because the component have some more specialized life stile, we 
need to provide Spring pre or post processors or other mechanisms for 
handling the life style.

Reusable components should also preferably be packaged so that there is 
one API module containing interfaces and classes that a user might want 
to import in application code and one (or several) implementation 
modules containing the implementation of the components together with a 
default Spring configuration file.

My goal for the layering is to be able to build webapps writing sitemaps 
in Java (see

for some initial experimentation) and only needing to depend on the 
component management and pipeline layers.

The modules

Currently the core is split into sitemap modules, pipeline modules, 
modules for configuration handling and deployment and some support and 
components modules.

Configuration handling

The configuration handling consists of:


that Carsten have discussed in another thread. The configuration 
handling is responsible for running mode dependent configurations and 
the deployment of resources from blocks.

I'm not certain that the configuration and the deployment stuff belongs 
together. Also to make the deployment util more usable outside Cocoon, 
something like the block context source is needed. Would it be possible 
to implement the block context source as a Spring resource and move it 
to the same module as the deployer?


The pipeline layer consists of:

  cocoon-pipeline-api - Interfaces: ProcessingPipeline, sitemap 
component and basic XML interfaces, the environment abstraction, caching 
interfaces and needed exceptions.
  cocoon-pipeline-impl - The various implementations of 
ProcessingPipeline together with classes that they depend on and various 
abstract classes for the sitemap components.
  cocoon-pipeline-components - generators, transformers, serializers, 
readers, some sources and xpointer and xslt components.

Here probably some of the abstract classes should be moved to the api 
module, but I didn't want to make the api to heavy in the first step. 
Also the impl module probably contains components and utility class that 
would be better to factor out to own modules.

Maybe the component module should be split into a base and an optional 

Right now the dependency graph is:

  api -> impl -> components

while it rather should be

  api -> impl
  api -> components


The sitemap layer consists of:

  cocoon-sitemap-api - Interfaces: Processor, interfaces for actions, 
modules, flow, matching, selection and some support interfaces for 
classloading, notification, processing and the sitemap.
  cocoon-sitemap-impl - the tree processor with dependencies, the spring 
packages for Avalon support, various abstract base classes and support 
classes for the various sitemap components.
  cocoon-sitemap-components - actions, modules, some sources, matchers 
and selectors and the StatusGenerator that presents various sitemap 
specific things.

As for the pipeline modules, the impl module is to heavy, some of the 
abstract base classes and support classes should go to the api module 
other things possibly to own component or support modules. Also here 
maybe the component module should be split into a base and an optional 

The dependency graph looks like:

  sitemap-api  -> sitemap-impl  -> sitemap-components
       ^               ^                ^
       |               |                |
  pipeline-api -> pipeline-impl -> pipeline-components

which (while it looks nice and symmetric) not is that good. ipl and 
components modules should only depend on api and more specific component 
and support modules.

The Avalon support should preferably be moved to a separate module.

XML components

These components are intended to be reusable outside Cocoon and are 
Spring components.

  xml-api - DOMParser and SAXParser
  xml-impl - implementations with configuration
  xml-resolver - the Cocoon system resolver together with default enteties

Here we could add more generally reusable XML components from the other 
modules after having "deavalonized" them.


  cocoon-util - The util package

Here we should try to reduce the number of dependencies further.

Thread components


The thread components could possibly be replaced with the corresponding 
Spring components 
and after that be deprecated.

Store components


Various implementation of the Excalibur Store interface.


In the end the core module should only contain the dependencies to all 
the modules that once was part of cocoon-core. Right now it contain 
various components and classes that I don't know where to put or that 
has complicated dependencies so that I cannot put them where it would be 
most natural.

                   --- o0o ---

So as you can see we are starting to get a nice structure, but there are 
still many open questions where your input or even better, work would be 


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