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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Looking for help in upcoming release
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 00:48:57 GMT
On 17.12.2006 17:29, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>> Unfortunately that's a side effect of linking trunk sources into the 
>> branch. The Captcha only works with the new JXTemplateGenerator from 
>> the template block but not with the one from branch core. While on 
>> trunk the one from template block is for sure correctly registered as 
>> "jx" it is the old one on the branch. The new one is named "newjx" there.
>> Don't know how to solve it without risking to break any template using 
>> jx. I could switch "jx" to "oldjx" and "newjx" to "jx", but with which 
>> side effects?

> It may be too early to deprecate CFormsTransformer (for this release) 
> but would it be possible to replace the old JXT with the new one, so it 
> can be tested more heavily?

That's not so easily possible. They seem to have some differences in the 
expressions, at least completely replacing the old with the new one 
breaks some samples. So I chose to do it for all svn-mounted blocks 
(hope, I got all) like in the Ajax block by redeclaring <generator 
type="jx"> and setting it to the new one from the template block.


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