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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Looking for help in upcoming release
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 02:20:27 GMT
Hello Gary,

thanks very much for your efforts. Such extensive testing is very 
welcome of course.

On 15.12.2006 17:48, Stewart, Gary wrote:

> Hello World Tests
> =================
> org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Invalid byte 3 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.

Was a problem in build system, when UTF-8 files were filtered. Ant can't 
handle UTF-8 at least while filtering.

> Aggregation
> ===========
> The Slashdot Feed in the aggregation section didn't seem to work but that seems to be
because my work "abuses" the feed :D. So it appears as a plain text message (I consider that
a pass).

Works for me.

> Catalogs and DocBook
> ====================
> I didn't follow the configuration steps and got file not found errors for both Entity
Resolution With Catalogs and DocBook Demo.

Same for me. Nice thing is that even the link to the documentation how 
to configure the catalogs did not work :) The documentation is no longer 
included in Cocoon builds.

> The Power of Sitemap: Input Modules 
> ===================================
> Got a not found for http://localhost:8888/docs/userdocs/concepts/modules.html specifically:

Same like above.

> Other Cocoon Flow Samples
> =========================
> Really minor: has "Back - to Cocoon Blocks Samples main page" when it isn't actually
linked from that page anymore.


> Blocks
> ======
> Chaperon: 
> ---------
> Example 1 - The parser can also be used to colorize some source code. 
> Seems to point to a fixed location
> likewise with Example 2

Oh man, how long have all those things been broken. We have to wake up 
the people more often for testing ;)


> For databases it comments "The default installation of Apache Cocoon does not allow uploads.
This feature needs to be enabled in web.xml" whereas it allowed uploads on all the upload
components without changing the default web.xml

Fixed the text. This feature is now configured via config.enable-uploads 
in and set to true by default.

> Forms
> -----
> The Capatcha form didn't work in the Forms example (it didn't show the string) and the
Batik Block seemed to be working ok.

Unfortunately that's a side effect of linking trunk sources into the 
branch. The Captcha only works with the new JXTemplateGenerator from the 
template block but not with the one from branch core. While on trunk the 
one from template block is for sure correctly registered as "jx" it is 
the old one on the branch. The new one is named "newjx" there.

Don't know how to solve it without risking to break any template using 
jx. I could switch "jx" to "oldjx" and "newjx" to "jx", but with which 
side effects?

Can somebody comment where old and new differ?

> Profiling information form1 - JXTemplate produced
> org.apache.cocoon.forms.FormsRuntimeException: The template cannot find a form object
> <jx:set> - resource://org/apache/cocoon/forms/generation/jx-macros.xml - 49:117

Same for this one - at least it works with "newjx". Btw, what's the 
sense of it? Both "profiling information" samples only produced XML.

> HTML Block Samples
> ------------------
> Cocoon News seemed to only produce the title (could be a proxy thing).

No, only a stylesheet thing. Probably Forrest output has slightly changed.

> JSP Block
> ---------
> Returned error but does mention it requires configuration.

Yes, works only with Tomcat by default. All samples work for me.

> Lucene Block
> ------------
> After creating the index it the search page appeared but I couldn't seem to get any results.
Didn't spend any more time on it.

Default is http://localhost:8888/docs/index.html and - again - 
documentation is no longer included. Don't know what direct it to instead.

> OJB Block Samples
> -----------------
> Skipped!
> Web3 Block
> ----------
> Didn't configure this ;).

Needs some SAP stuff.

> XMLDB Block Samples
> -------------------
> Got org.apache.xindice.core.DBException: Collection 'db' cannot store resources (no filer)
from Mount DB

Mounting itself works. But no idea what it tries to do then. Vadim?

> and had bad requests from Query Collection and Query Resource. 

Seems some incompatibilities between libraries:


No idea. What's org.apache.xpath?

> XSP Block Samples
> -----------------
> Didn't install python so those tests skipped and proxy stopped the soap servers being
reached (seemed to handle the timeout fine though).

Temperature failed with "No Deserializer found to deserialize a 
':zipcode' using encoding style 
''." for me.

Currency with SocketException: Connection reset.

Rest tomorrow :)


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