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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Changing Pipeline API
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 20:27:14 GMT


Daniel Fagerstrom skrev:
> I'm working on making the Cocoon pipelines usable independent of the 
> tree processor. This is good for getting towards a more layered and easy 
> to understand architecture, for reusability of pipelines outside Cocoon 
> and for being able to write sitemaps in pure Java (or scripting languages).
> I have solved part of it without changing any APIs but an outstanding 
> problem is that the o.a.c.components.pipeline.ProcessingPipeline depends 
> on the concrete class o.a.c.pipeline.SitemapErrorHandler, which in turn 
> is tightly connected to the TreeProcessor implementation.
> My suggestion is to make SitemapErrorHandler an interface:
> public interface SitemapErrorHandler {
>  public boolean handleError(Exception e) throws Exception;
>  public ProcessingPipeline prepareErrorPipeline(Exception e) throws 
> Exception;
> }
> Currently the second method has the following signature in trunk:
> public Processor.InternalPipelineDescription 
> prepareErrorPipeline(Exception e) throws Exception;
> But it has the suggested signature in 2.1.x, so it shouldn't be any 
> problem to change it back.
> There will be two implementations: the current one that will be moved to 
> o.a.c.components.treeprocessor and a minimal one that will be usable in 
> a pure Java sitemap (name suggestions are welcome ;) ).
> There is not much point in starting a vote about it as the current 
> ProcessingPipeline is nearly impossible to use outside the 
> TreeProcessor, so the change will not break any applications.
> Opinions, suggestions?
> /Daniel

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