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From Patrick Refondini <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.2 Samples Setting MultipartFilter Max Upload Size
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 15:51:20 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Patrick Refondini schrieb:
>> Using cocoon-samples.war I try to set up the max upload size.
>> Looking at the source I thought the right place to do it is in the 
>> o.a.c.servlet.multipart.MultipartFilter thus in web.xml :
>>    <filter>
>>      <filter-name>CocoonMultipartFilter</filter-name>
>>      <display-name>Cocoon multipart filter</display-name>
>>      <description>Multipart MIME handling filter for Cocoon</description>
>> <filter-class>org.apache.cocoon.servlet.multipart.MultipartFilter</filter-class>
>> Added this:
>>  >>>>
>>      <init-param>
>>        <param-name>maxUploadSize</param-name>
>>        <!-- Expect to set up 200M -->
>>        <param-value>200000000</param-value>
>>        <description>Set the size limit for uploaded files.</description>
>>      </init-param>
>> <<<<
>>    </filter>
>> It does not work. Any hint welcome.
> You have to set the configuration filter in the settings for Cocoon,
> which means you have to define them via properties.
> Have a look at the file in the cocoon-core module.
I found in:
Got the upload Graal as a bunch of org.apache.cocoon.uploads properties :)

> Just put a properties file with the appropriate configuration into
> WEB-INF/cocoon/properties. This should work.
I will test it.
>> I use cocoon-samples.war built from latest cocoon_trunk deployed in 
>> Tomcat 5.5.20 container.
>> I have been able to change the max upload size for the same webapp using 
>> maven jetty plugin in the command line like:
>> mvn -Dorg.apache.cocoon.uploads.maxsize=200000000 jetty:run
> Yes, you can override the properties on startup by specifying system
> properties.
> In general I think we should rather use filter parameters here and not
> the Cocoon settings object.
I guess the idea of "the configuration filter in the settings for 
Cocoon" is:

1. To avoid dealing with specifics such as a given servlet filter object 
( e.g. MultipartFilter ) configuration but use a generic point of entry 
for Cocoon configurations ?

2. To hide to the user one config file possibly configures several 
"Cocoon settings objects" ?

3. In addition it might ease configuration backward compatibility in 
case of implementation change ?

So if I got it right, which I am not certain, the term "filter" 
appearing a bit everywhere :) I think using the proposed properties 
files mechanism should benefit to Cocoon users (simplicity).

Thanks for the input, I'll post the test feedback,


> Carsten

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