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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Re: Building changes into the top level sitemap
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:56:05 GMT

On Dec 5, 2006, at 8:50 AM, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> I have just been working on an established project that is built from 
> 2.2 and I could see the advantages of the new platform.

Yeah, it's awesome.

> However, many perceive 2.2 as almost unusable.

Well, it is nearly unusable, but I guess that will change very soon.  
This is why it's not been released yet :-)

> It clearly is being used but the procedures are very different from 
> 2.1 ..... the results can be completely unpredictable ..... it will 
> compile one minute and not the next, this is very off-putting. If the 
> less experienced developers like myself cannot feel confidant with the 
> build system for 2.2 what hope do we have of users embracing it?

My point would be, don't assume that "nearly unusable" implies a great 
gap to be crossed to reach "fully usable".  My impression is that trunk 
isn't pervasively unstable, it's just unstable at a few key points, and 
those are being ironed out by the people who also know how to work 
around, etc. and also how to just plain use the frigging thing without 
any documention.  So trunk right now is like riding a wild bear, and 
there's only a few people who know how to ride the bear.  Two things to 
do: (1) tame the bear, and (2) teach ordinary people how to ride a tame 

This is my observation as a relative outsider, i.e. 
non-wild-bear-rider.  My impression is that (1) is very close.  I'm 
trying to learn now (even though the bear is still a little bit wild), 
so that I can help with (2).


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