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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Building changes into the top level sitemap
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 17:38:24 GMT
OK, so even though I could not get $ mvn package to run inside the  
dists/cocoon-dist-samples, I found that the changes to the top-level  
sitemap from core/cocoon-webapp/ had in fact been added to the  
sitemap at : dists/cocoon-dist-samples/target/cocoon-samples/ 

I was able to start Jetty in : dists/cocoon-dist-samples

When I went to http://localhost:8888/_cocoon/system/ajax/upload/ 
status I get this error : Could not open ServletContext resource  

Why should it say "/resource://" ? (the leading slash is not in the  

Doing a $ jar -tf dists/cocoon-dist-samples/target/cocoon-samples/WEB- 

I see all of the new stuff that is needed :

. . .
. . .

Am I looking in the right place?


regards Jeremy

On 5 Dec 2006, at 17:08, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> On 5 Dec 2006, at 13:42, Giacomo Pati wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>>> I have tried to compile this in, but it never becomes available  
>>> to the
>>> samples.
>>> I tried running $ mvn package in both :
>> You probably have to use 'mvn install' as 'mvn package' only build  
>> the jar in you target folder of
>> the block whareas you'll need it to be installed into your local  
>> repository so other parts of the
>> build system can take them from there.
> Ever since I ran $ mvn install in core/cocoon-webapp/, I cannot get  
> $ mvn package to work in dists/cocoon-dist-samples/.
> No matter how many times I run it (I also went back and did a  
> complete clean install from root) I get this from the build :

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