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From "Rob Berens" <>
Subject Still open Issue 1811: Load scripts from within java script function
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 18:06:15 GMT
Could someone please have a look at COCOON-1811 and apply the patch before building 2.1.10.

Some additional background:

Currently it is impossible to use cocoon.load from within a function of another java script
during handing of a sitemap call to a function:

loadingFunction = function() {

fails in almost every situation. The reason is that global variable scope is locked as soon
as all initial scripts have been loaded in order to avoid creating new variables in global
scope that migth override earlier variables with the same name.
In the current version there is an exception for Java classes so that one can still do importClass
or a fully qualified new from within functions. 
As java script functions can more or less behave like classes, we also need this exception
for java ascript functions. Therefore in the patch I supplied I made the test less restrictive
in the respect that it also accepts new javascript functions in global scope.

I have been using this patched version in our software for over a year now and never encountered
any problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will have a look and possibly apply the patch.

Rob Berens
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