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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Submitting patches in JIRA
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 20:06:04 GMT


Back in the day, with Bugzilla, I remember we had the convention that 
the issue title started with '[PATCH]'.  If there was no patch 
available when the issue was created, you just edited the issue title 
and inserted '[PATCH]'.

I see that with JIRA, there is this little "a patch is available with 
this issue" checkbox on the issue creation page.  Funny, I never 
noticed that before... :-).  Ah, now it all clicks... I guess that's 
where that "open-with-patch" report comes from :-)

And I guess the old convention of starting with '[PATCH]' is 
superfluous now, right?  That's good, because there doesn't seem to be 
any way to edit the title... maybe I don't have the right 
karma/mojo/whatever.  All I have to do is check the little box... but 
wait!  There's no little box anymore once the issue's been created.  
And there's no "this is a patch" checkbox on the Attach File form...

SooOOOooo... if I create an issue w/ no patch, then decide to submit a 
patch later, how do I indicate it?  Create a new issue referencing the 
first?  Or just attach the file and don't worry about it? :-)


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