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From "Gabriele Columbro" <>
Subject Re: Ajaxifying the ImageMap widget
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 01:51:09 GMT
Ciao Jeremy!
Good to hear from you again...

On 11/25/06, Jeremy Quinn <> wrote:
> Ciao Gabriele


> Your problem lies here, I think :
>         src/blocks/forms/java/org/apache/cocoon/forms/resources
> /js/common.js
> in cocoon.forms.buildQueryString line: 109 :
>          if (input.type == "submit" || input.type == "image" ||
> input.type == "button") {
>              // Skip buttons
>              continue;
>          }
> Your image-type input is not added to the query string.

Not implemented indeed.
Guess that doing it can be a wise thing anyway, to conform to W3C specs [1],
apart from the fact that I like maps every day more, and it may be useful
for giving cocoon a simple map support.

You could patch this function to output what you need.

Yep, that's exactly the kind of snippet I was looking for ;-)

Alternatively it is possible call cocoon.forms.CFormsForm.submit
> (name, params) directly and pass the 'name' of the submitting control
> and extra form parameters in 'params' (an associative array).

Probably by now I'll use a quick'n'dirty solution for my project (i.e. pass
the coordinates of the click via the "params" associative array), mainly for
two reasons:
- I'm working on Cocoon 2.1.9 (but on a framework with 2.1.8 forms-styling
- I need customer feedback quite urgently :-)

This has changed in 2.1.10-dev, as I re-wrote all of this stuff to
> add the ability to send XHR via IframeIO if there are file-type
> inputs. I threw the buildQueryString function away and use Dojo's
> built-in code for assembling the form.

Ok, then of course the quick'n'dirty solution won't be contributable in the
current trunk, I guess ;-)

> regards Jeremy
> PS. Are you sure this will look good though ? If what you are doing
> is just re-centering the map on the new coords, I'd be tempted to
> write a Dojo WIdget to handle this itself, give you a smooth scroll
> to the new centre (everyone is used to Google Maps etc.) rather than
> replace the image using BrowserUpdate. (Just my humble opinion ;))

This sounds cool  ;-)
I started approaching the dojo/cocoon task recently and particularly this
weekend, so, who knows, I may write (or find ;-) ) a dojo map widget for the
2.1.10 dev. The only concern is that in my case (a WMS/WFS server generating
the map, geoserver) most of the map processing, and actual rendering, is
done (also quite heavily, no tiling) on the server side, and *a singleton*
img url is used as a contract to define the exact image that server must
generate. Writing a dojo widget only for this use case is probably out of my
scope a the moment.
Probably it may be worth to do a generic widget that is configurable with
different services, say gmaps, map24 and a generic opensource map server (
e.g. Geoserver).  I'll definitely let you know!

Thanks for all your help



Eng. Gabriele Columbro
Consultant at Sourcesense Italy
mobile: (0039)3201612846

yahoo: g.columbro
AIM:   gabrielecolumbro

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