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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [graphics] Masthead artwork for
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 22:42:05 GMT
Mark Lundquist said the following on 30/11/06 12:48:
> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>     I have just hired a Graphics Designer here at CodeDragons, and we don't
>     think we will manage to fill his pipeline with commercial work from the
>     start. I have previously promised that he will be available some of

I'm sorry I missed this announcement completely.

>     the time
>     for work at Cocoon. He knows html and css a little bit, but it is
>     not his

I'll take on this part of the "job".

>     main skill. He makes graphics. Icons, logos, photo assemblies and so
>     forth.

>     His name is Thien Luh Tay, and will shortly start subscribing to
>     this list,

I'm not sure if you read this already, but anyway: welcome Thien.

> OK, well, I have in mind a Cocoon task for a graphics designer!
> There've been discussions here before about how the main Cocoon site 
> needs a face-lift... compare with or 
>, the latter two sites have a clean, light look, and 
> they feel "modern". The Cocoon site looks heavy, kinda thick and blocky 
> and "old-school".

+1 (Thien: this means I agree)

> I'd like to see some choices for a new treatment of the masthead/banner 
> region along the top of the page. Just that. Not looking for a full page 
> design here, just a different look across the top. The real site 
> revision would incorporate some other things as well, like different 
> visual styling for the nav sidebar, but for now let's just concentrate 
> on the masthead.

This sounds like a good idea, although I do think that the 
masthead/banner has a large part in the definition of the "look and 
feel" of the site. In other words the final choice for the banner is 
also a global decision for the look and feel of the rest of the page. 
Still, small steps can take us where we want to go.

> Here are the branding "rules" I would propose...
> 1) Elements that must be retained from the current design:
> (a) the Apache feather logo (though preferably reduced in size from how 
> it appears on the site today)


> (b) the Cocoon logo. The cocoon logo may appear in either of two forms: 
> (i) as unadorned, stylized text, as in the current masthead on 
>, or (ii) as text within its traditional "frame" of a 
> bordered, oblong field with rounded ends as seen on 
> under the heading "Apache Cocoon". I think the 
> Cocoon logo is cool and conveys a strong identity, we should keep it. 

I agree that we need a Cocoon logo, although I'm not "set" on this one. 
I personally don't think this logo is cool, but I won't start a fight 
over it.

> 2) Elements that /need not/ be retained (may, but need not be):
> (a) the text "the Apache Cocoon Project"

Depends on the logo. I agree that the name "Cocoon" should not appear 
twice in the masthead.

> (b) the text ""


> (c) any of the current color scheme. I'd like to see a range of concept 
> samples using variety of color palettes. In particular, the colors used 
> by the Cocoon logo can be varied. I think I would still like the logo 
> text to be either black or white depending on the background color, but 
> the background color can be anything that looks appealing with the rest 
> of the artwork and color palette.


I prefer "sophisticated" colors to screaming yellow and orange and the like.

>  From there on out, it's wide open! I would love to see a half-dozen or 
> so different ideas, and then we can see which ones people think are the 
> coolest :-).


Thien: if you take on this assignment (and I do hope so), please start 
asking any question you'd like to be answered. Do note that you have a 
lot of "listeners" and a few people responding, which doesn't mean that 
the others don't care.

All: I know it is quite early for this, but in order to review the 
galleries of samples that Thien will be delivering ;-) we need a space 
to put them. I don't mind to help out in getting them uploaded, but it 
would be nice if it's not a "public" place such as the wiki or Daisy on 
the zone, to avoid endless discussions (which we will probably have 
anyway) with a huge group of people.

> content that matters..." and I agree — however, improving the content 
> vs. styling require different skill sets and don't really compete for 
> resources, so I say let's work on both at the same time, 'cause visual 
> impressions matter, too :-)


Bye, Helma

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