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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Trying to start Cocoon 2.2
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 23:09:48 GMT
Luca Morandini skrev:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>> Luca Morandini skrev:
>>> We have updated the deployment mechanism recently, and I got the same 
>>> error message a short period before I updated the bean configuration 
>>> in META-INF/cocoon/spring/cocoon-core-main-sample-blockServlet.xml 
>>> for cocoon-core-main-sample. 
>> Luca (and others), delete your org/apache/cocoon directory from your 
>> local repo and build cocoon again. Maybe this helps ...
> Unfortunately it doesn't.
> So, I updated the SVN working copy, deleted the whole cocoon branch of 
> the maven repo, executed a clean build and yet I cannot make Cocoon 
> run... despiriting indeed.

Sounds frustrating :/

I followed exactly the same steps as you have described in your mails, 
and for me it works.

I assume that you get the same errors as before? In that case something 
is wrong with your Maven setup. The cocoon-webapp module doesn't depend 
on cocoon-core-main-sample anymore, so the fact that it shows in your 
stack trace means that it is not the poms from your newly updated Cocoon 
that is used. Probably some old poms and maybe also some old jars are 
downloaded during the build process. Also the error messages looks like 
problems that I and others have fixed some while ago. Which also is a 
reason to believe that some older versions of the jars are downloaded 
and executed.

Jorg wrote some while ago that there can be problems with some settings 
file pointing to mirrors with artifacts that are not synchronized 
You could see if his suggestions help.

Otherwise you need to figure out why cocoon-core-main-sample becomes 
part of your cocoon-webapp during build. If you rebuild cocoon-webapp 
using the -X switch you will get a complete tree view of all the 
dependencies. So here we would need to know the dependency chain for the 
cocoon-core-main-sample jar.

Also you could take a look in target/cocoon-webapp/WEB-INF/lib and see 
if the cocoon-core-main-sample jar and in that case see if its 
META-INF/cocoon/spring/cocoon-core-main-sample-blockServlet.xml is 
identical to the one in your source tree.

If the latest version of cocoon-core is the one that is actually 
executed, the content of the COB-INF directory in 
cocoon-core-main-sample should be unpacked in 


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