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From Alexander Klimetschek <>
Subject Re: Sub-sitemaps
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 10:50:37 GMT
Joerg Heinicke schrieb:
> Component inheritance is a standard functionality of Spring's 
> ApplicationContext implementations. So this should be no problem at all.

Although this is not yet used in any way with the blocks. Two blocks, 
where one inherits from another, don't know that the other one uses a 
SitemapServlet, and the only interface between them is the servlet api. 
Components you define in your sitemap might be known to Spring but its 
about letting the TreeProcessor know how to resolve component names. So 
I don't think it is possible at all to integrate that into the blocks fw.

BTW: What about those sitemap-additions directory?

> But I wonder if there is a replacement for "fallback to parent sitemap 
> if no match was found in sub sitemap".

With the current blocks-fw implementation we put this matcher at the end 
of all sitemaps that "inherit" from another block, ie. that have a 
"super" block defined in the connections of the BlockServlet bean.

   <match pattern="**">
     <read src="block:super:/{1}" />


Alexander Klimetschek

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