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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: check-reload always true with BlockServlets
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 18:50:09 GMT
Alexander Klimetschek skrev:
> Hi,
> while looking at the o.a.c.sitmap.SitemapServlet I saw that the 
> "check-reload" property for the TreeProcessor is manually set to true 
> instead of reading it from some properties. So I suppose (and testing 
> has proofed this) that the sitemap will always be reloaded when modified 
> - independent of any configuration you set.

Yes, I didn't know how to implement this so I just choose a default 
value. After having thought a little bit more about it, the default 
value should be taken from "settings.isReloadingEnabled("sitemap")" like 
the tree processor works when it is not given a configuration value. 
Then it should optionally take its value from a "check-reload" servlet 
config init parameter. Then we should make sure that it is possible to 
set the servlet init parameters of an embedded servlet from the bean 
configuration for a BlockServlet.

> Is this a performance 
> overhead? Or does this only add a check for lastModified on the sitemap 
> file?

Don't know.

> Anyway how to make it configurable? My first idea is to read it from the 
> spring bean properties. But there is also that property 
> "org.apache.cocoon.reloading" in (true in dev mode, 
> otherwise false) which AFAIK should also be applied in that case.

I would assume that the "settings.isReloadingEnabled("sitemap")" somehow 
is affected by that property, "org.apache.cocoon.reloading".


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