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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: The Cocoon documentation: a lot has happened here
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 21:54:26 GMT
Arje Cahn said the following on 6/11/06 16:29:
> News on the homepage: excellent!! I love it. It would be better if we
> could have the date presented as part of the title:
> # 10/18/06: News Management in our Docs <small>submitted by Ross
> Gardler, 10/18/06 9:59:32 PM</small>

I tend to disagree on this, although in the "new and flashy" design I 
could have the date be displayed more prominently.

> Although this is fine with me, I got lost in the subsite-principle.
> I'd much rather have a single navigational structure for all parts.
> It took me a while before I noticed "Cocoon core" in the top
> navigation, clicked on it and got to something that looks like the
> same website, but has a completely different navigation. Maybe I've
> missed out on this discussion, but it makes it really hard for me to
> find things.... What is the reason for this?

The current navigation is a mixture of navigation describing the new 
site and navigation for documentation committers. IIUC the parts below 
"Website Only" in the "core" site display the navigation that is shown 
on the site. The "Main Site" part is the top-level, i.e. the menu shown 
on the top left when you start with the site. The other parts (Core, 
Blocks, Maven plugins) are "tabs" on the top right in the light colored 
bar below the header.
The "Site Overview" part is intended for a global navigation in Daisy. 
All other parts of this navigation contain information on documentation 
specific topics.

All the subsites (below "core") are intended for the specific block. The 
navigation defined in that block is also included in the site.

I fully agree that this setup is not very clear and straightforward. 
Still, I think this is the best trade off between a setup for an 
automatic website creation and a clear place to jump in to write block 
or core specific documentation.

> On a sidenote, if someone has a drawing of the Cocoon 2.1/2.2/3.0
> architectures (sketch would be fine), I could get it redone by the
> guy who is currently redesigning Hippo's architectural diagrams. Same
> goes for the 'pipelined transformation' graphic. Could explain a lot
> if we would have that on the homepage!

Great! Thanks for the offer.

> Now, is there anything we can do about the Wiki pages? There have
> always been quite a bunch of pages that on the Wiki that deserve to
> be moved into the documentation. Also, the Wiki used to have a very
> low entry barrier, it would be easier to use that as a sandbox and
> move finished docs into the documentation website.

True, I've been moving obvious pages to Daisy already. However, I think 
we need to have a common agreement on the role of the wiki. E.g. if some 
user wants to write documentation, where should he/she be doing that? 
The wiki? Give them an account for Daisy?
I know we've had a similar discussion about a year ago but nothing 
definitive came out of it. I think now is the time to make a decision.

Bye, Helma

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