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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject [graphics] Masthead artwork for
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 11:48:27 GMT

Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> I have just hired a Graphics Designer here at CodeDragons, and we don't
> think we will manage to fill his pipeline with commercial work from the
> start. I have previously promised that he will be available some of 
> the time
> for work at Cocoon. He knows html and css a little bit, but it is not 
> his
> main skill. He makes graphics. Icons, logos, photo assemblies and so 
> forth.
> I have not hired him for Flash work, but I think he know a bit of that 
> as
> well.
> His name is Thien Luh Tay, and will shortly start subscribing to this 
> list,
> which is probably as alien as a Hortoculture mailing list would be to 
> most
> of us. He is also not experienced in open source, nor doing work on
> distance. So, I am requesting a few things;
>  1. Any thread you start that you want him to read, put [graphics] in 
> the
> subject. That would make it real easy for him to filter the scary 
> noise.
>  2. Start thinking of what kind of stuff you want him to do.
>  3. Try to educate in a friendly manner, the principles of OSS
> collaboration.

OK, well, I have in mind a Cocoon task for a graphics designer!

There've been discussions here before about how the main Cocoon site 
needs a face-lift... compare with or, the latter two sites have a clean, light look, and 
they feel "modern".  The Cocoon site looks heavy, kinda thick and 
blocky and "old-school".

I'd like to see some choices for a new treatment of the masthead/banner 
region along the top of the page.  Just that.  Not looking for a full 
page design here, just a different look across the top.  The real site 
revision would incorporate some other things as well, like different 
visual styling for the nav sidebar, but for now let's just concentrate 
on the masthead.

Here are the branding "rules" I would propose...

1) Elements that must be retained from the current design:

	(a) the Apache feather logo (though preferably reduced in size from 
how it appears on the site today)

	(b) the Cocoon logo.  The cocoon logo may appear in either of two 
forms: (i) as unadorned, stylized text, as in the current masthead on, or (ii) as text within its traditional "frame" of a 
bordered, oblong field with rounded ends as seen on under the heading "Apache Cocoon".  I think the 
Cocoon logo is cool and conveys a strong identity, we should keep it.  
But see below w.r.t. color...

2) Elements that need not be retained (may, but need not be):

	(a) the text "the Apache Cocoon Project"

	(b) the text ""

	(c) any of the current color scheme.  I'd like to see a range of 
concept samples using variety of color palettes.  In particular, the 
colors used by the Cocoon logo can be varied.  I think I would still 
like the logo text to be either black or white depending on the 
background color, but the background color can be anything that looks 
appealing with the rest of the artwork and color palette.

 From there on out, it's wide open!  I would love to see a half-dozen or 
so different ideas, and then we can see which ones people think are the 
coolest :-).

I think it's hard to promote our light, agile framework from a heavy, 
clunky, chunky looking site :-).  Someone will say "well, it's the 
content that matters..." and I agree — however, improving the content 
vs. styling require different skill sets and don't really compete for 
resources, so I say let's work on both at the same time, 'cause visual 
impressions matter, too :-)


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