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From Lars Trieloff <>
Subject Re: Solution found [Re: Performance with blocks protocol]
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 10:34:10 GMT

please submit a patch to JIRA, I will review and test it with the  
same setting as yesterday evening (JMeter+Yourkit) post the figures  
and commit it if Daniel has no objections.


Am 08.11.2006 um 11:28 schrieb Alexander Klimetschek:

> Alexander Klimetschek schrieb:
>>> Looking in the RequestProcessor that is called by the standard  
>>> SitemapServlet, it calls ProcessingUtil.cleanup(), while leaving  
>>> the processing of a request. I don't call that in the  
>>> corresponding code in the o.a.c.sitemap.SitemapServlet, that  
>>> might be a problem.
>> I have copied that, because I tried to figure out what is  
>> different between the sitemap.SitemapServlet and the  
>> RequestProcessor, but it did not change anything with the memory  
>> leak.
> My fault, didn't built the core module after changing that. It is  
> indeed the missing ProcessingUtil.cleanup() method. You probably  
> did not put it into the sitemap.SitemapServlet because it cleans  
> everything, including the current request data, so when called in a  
> block that is called by another block, upon return no further  
> processing is possible because you get NPEs when accessing the  
> original HttpRequest...
> So I put that call into the DispatcherServlet, right at the end of  
> the service() method and it seems to work. We will now do some  
> testing with the blocks-fw-samples and then commit it.
> Alex
> -- 
> Alexander Klimetschek

Lars Trieloff

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