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From Mike Robinson <>
Subject So, where's the =users= guide? Where's the intro?
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 20:18:17 GMT
In the opening pages of the Cocoon documentation web-site, there are some very excellent promises
that you'll talk to "users" and to "developers."  Furthermore, you say that "users" don't
need to plunge deeply into Java-land to know how to use and produce content with Cocoon.
But then, after having given a nodding-glance to the non-developer, the documents promptly
plunge headfirst into an intricate and seemingly free-association based tangle of details
where "one thing leads to another and another."  Your documents talk all about Cocoon in all
of its messy developer-oriented detail, without fulfilling the original promise made to the
In, you said ...
If you are a usual user, then you can use Cocoon without ever coding Java or knowing how exactly
servlet containers work. If you become an experienced user of Cocoon you might want to tweak
and tune your application. Therefore it is helpful to know Java and some basics of servlet
However, if you want to develop with Cocoon (building own components to extend Cocoon for
example), then you need to program Java. So, we split up this description into two sections:
one for users and one for developers.

As far as I can readily tell, this is the first and last point anywhere in the docs where
the slightest thought is given to "without ever coding Java or knowing exactly how servlet
containers work" (this last bit having casually slipped a mouthful like "servlet container"
with nary a second thought as to how unintelligible that might actually be).
So I'm still scuffing around looking for "how do I use Cocoon?  How much can I do without
 having to know 'how' it works?"
There isn't, yet, a clearly-defined track that I can see through this jumble of documentation-objects
that does not plunge headlong, again and again and again, through a rather-giddy expose of
extremely geeky subject matter.
Mind you, I happen to be a seasoned developer, so it's not that I don't understand what has
been written here.  But, the promise made to fully half of the potential user-base who might
be reading this stuff, simply isn't addressed (imho) beyond that opening page.  
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