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From "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
Subject Re: [RANT] The Cocoon website: move on, nothing is happening here
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:56:09 GMT
Thanks Arje for starting this thread.

And, despite your (justified) negative view on the current state of
our website, big thanks to those who have been investing lots of time
trying to make it happen over the years. Few of us have been really
paying attention, it's easy to make a lot of noise now about our site
sucking now (nothing against you Arje, I'm speaking in general terms).

Our (collective) ambitions have often not been matched by our
(individual) efforts. The history of the page says a lot
about this, and Steven's efforts in getting a decent wiki going, at
the time, are to be noticed as well - big thanks.

If we can think in small steps instead of throwing out all our tools
as we tend to do in such situations, I'd suggest simply finding a way
to make the homepage more alive, by making
it easy and quick for us to update it indepentendly of the other
pages. Heck, editing a static page might be good enough, or running an
XSLT transform locally to generate it from a blog-like "news" XML file
in order to have an RSS news feed as well.

Add to this a link to a blog aggregator ( for
cocoon-related posts by members of this community, and we'd have much
more life on our website already, with little effort.


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