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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: RFC: CForms + Dojo: the way forward
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 10:02:40 GMT

On 6 Oct 2006, at 21:45, Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:

> Hello Jeremy,

Ah, Monsieur Querty ;)

> This is a nice CForms roadmap indeed.  See my comment below:

Thanks to all those who took part .....

> * Jeremy Quinn:
>> 3. We have  two templating systems, there  are incompatibilities
>> between them and different capabilities, can we deprecate one?
>> Conclusion: the  JXMacro generation  technique seems to  be more
>> popular and capable. We should if  possible deprecate the use of
>> the FormsTransformer,  adding any  missing functionality  to the
>> JXMacro lib. Before we decide this,  we need an accurate idea of
>> all compatibility  and any  performance differences  between the
>> two. We need to write some docs explaining the migration path.
> The old  JXTemplateGenerator is the cause  of performance problems
> when  using  the  CForms's   JX  macros.   So  deprecating  CForms
> transformer also means switching from the old JXTG to the new one.

Is the new JXTG ready to switch to, so that the old one may be  
deprecated ?

Does anyone know how much faster it is ?

By old and new, do you mean :

   old : org.apache.cocoon.generation.JXTemplateGenerator

   new : org.apache.cocoon.template.JXTemplateGenerator

Anyone who manages to test the speed difference, please report back  
to this thread .....

Many thanks for your response

regards Jeremy

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