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From "Nathaniel Alfred" <>
Subject RE: Release roadmap
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 10:37:54 GMT
+1 to release 2.2-M2
+1 to release 2.1.10
+1 to drop block sharing

-1 to put 2.1.x into *pure* bug fixing mode

We should try to attract people to 2.2 rather than pushing them
away from 2.1 (because they may go somewhere else).

I expect to be stuck with 2.1.x for the next 1-2 years.  That's a bit
too long to be forbidden to add enhancements we might need along the
way for new projects.

Going to 2.2 anytime soon is unlikely for us because we just finished
migrating from 2.1.m3 to 2.1.10-dev.  Selling to management another
migration project before 2008 would be very hard, especially since
the current 2.2 has new feature really interesting to us.

Also, everytime I try to dive into 2.2 I hit a brick wall of Maven
magic.  Cocoon documentation is important but currently even more
lacking is Maven2 documentation.  Carsten, Daniel, Reinhard, and
few others seem to get along pretty well with M2 which gives me hope
that the rest of us can follow too.  But currently I have the
feeling that for the majority of committers 2.2 is still uncharted
territory.  (Or is it only me?)

So my proposal is simply use a different wording and to declare 2.1.x
to be in "maintenance" mode.  Only bug fixing *and minor enhancements*
will be applied and we continue to make 1-2 releases/year.

Cheers, Alfred.
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