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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: RFC: CForms + Dojo: the way forward
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 18:47:57 GMT

On 6 Oct 2006, at 18:46, hepabolu wrote:

> Jeremy Quinn said the following on 6/10/06 16:42:
>> Hi All
>> We had an informal group discussion on Tuesday at the Hackathon  
>> about CForms.
>> The purpose of the discussion was to find a consensus on the  
>> direction to take CForms, so that everybody who would like to work  
>> on it is hopefully going to take it in the same general direction.
>> These are some of the points that were raised and some of the  
>> tentative conclusions we reached.
> All these sound very good. I'm not sure if I can help out, but I'll  
> contribute to the discussion if necessary.
> There is one issue I had/have with dojo that I would love to see  
> addressed: dojo cannot be used in XHTML because it relies on  
> "dojotype" attributes in various HTML tags.
> When I asked the dojo team they waived the issue with "switch to  
> HTML". I don't think that is a valid argument in a Cocoon environment.
> It would be great if you/we could find a solution that solves this  
> issue.

In XHTML could you not declare the dojo namespace and do this ?

	<div dojo:type="MyWidget">blah</div>

I have not tried it.

I have read that instead of using :

	<div dojotype="MyWidget">blah</div>

you can (or should soon be able to) use a class attribute :

	<div class="dojo-MyWidget">blah</div>

Comment #5 :

I have not tested this.


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