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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [SITE] - Contributions to this relase....
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 15:08:45 GMT
Antonio Gallardo said the following on 30/10/06 01:08:
> Hi folks,
> In we read for each release:
> <snip>
>      Contributors to this release
> We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.
> This is a list of all people who participated as committers:
> [Committer's list]
> This is a list of other contributors:
> [contributor's list]
> </snip>
> I wonder if we can improve the sentence: "This is a list of other 
> contributors:" In particular I don't like the "other contributor" 
> concept. Perhaps it is because I am no a native english speaker.
> Perhpas we should review the whole section.

I really don't care less who contributed what and to which release. IMO 
we have a (read: ONE) release-independent committer list and, if we so 
choose, we can have a list of contributors, although we should specify 
the difference between committers and contributors.

Bye, Helma

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