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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Release roadmap
Date Sat, 28 Oct 2006 07:21:07 GMT
+1. Does this avoid the problem of the Rhino license though (with 2.1)?

Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Our last official release has happened a long time ago...
> I think it's time to release something again :) Imho we should release
> 2.2-M2 asap and 2.1.10 as well. I think 2.1.10-dev is currently working
> pretty fine and there shouldn't be any outstanding issues. Or did I
> oversee something?
> The release of 2.1.10 should be the last planned release for 2.1.x - we
> should drop the block sharing between trunk and the branch of the blocks
> right after the release and continue development of things only in trunk
> from that point on.
> Only bug fixes should go to 2.1.x from that point on. This will ensure
> that we have to work on trunk to get a new feature release out and will
> stop people from adding everything to 2.1.x (hopefully).
> So my idea is to release 2.1.10 in the midth of November and do at the
> same time (or even before) a release of 2.2-m2. We can then target the
> final release of 2.2 for December.
> If some parts of the new blocks stuff are not working at that time it is
> not that important. We can easily fix this with a 2.2.1 release or
> (2.3). Although I totally agree that documentation for 2.2 is really
> really important, let's not see this as a blocker. Either people will
> document stuff or not, but we will not enforce this by blocking the
> release. I'll work on the docs for the new core stuff next week and add
> the missing pieces.
> So, WDYAT?
> Carsten

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