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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Postable block protocol
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 19:04:26 GMT
Lars Trieloff skrev:
> Hi Daniel,
> I was already starting to create a parametrizable BlockSource and 
> BlockConnection, when Alexander got the idea of creating an InputSource 
> that would be less invasive to the blocks-fw code.
> How do you think should a postable source work? Don't you think 
> something like a transformer world be a better fit?

The advantage with a postable source instead of a sitemap component as 
e.g. a transformer is that you can use it in any place where you want to 
access a block service. It would be rather easy to use it from non 
sitemap blocks. See

for an example of how to use the block protocol from a handwritten servlet.

> This way you could 
> create XML from your request using the request generator, hand it to a 
> proxy-transformer which will create the Http-Request or the 
> Block-Request and return the results? The only problem would be 
> accessing non-xml resources.

See my answer to Alexander for a proposal on how to use a postable block 
source together with a new generator, transformer, serializer and reader 
for achiving what you ask for.


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