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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Postable block protocol
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:39:40 GMT
was Re: [jira] Created: (COCOON-1943) [Patch] Parameters in 
blocks-protocol URIs get decoded too early

Alexander Klimetschek (JIRA) skrev:
> (A little bit Off-topic): The general point here is that I am calling a form that is
handled in the super block. Since you cannot pass on request parameters from a POST call (that
comes from the browser) to the other (super) block called via the blocks-protocol (because
the only interface you have is the Source, where you can only pass information via the URI),
you have to put all parameters in the uri. I have written a simple input module that creates
a "param1=alpha&param2=beta" string from another input module (preferrably request-param)
so that you simply call: "block:super:/dosomething?{params-to-uri:request-param}". This might
be integrated into Cocoon as a standard InputModule.
While your input module can be usable in its own right I think that we 
should make the block protocol postable. Besides that it simplify 
reusing form handling as you describe above. I think that it is 
generally useful to make it possible to let blocks contain web services 
that can be called through the block protocol and be used as some webapp 
internal web services.

To achieve this the o.a.c.blocks.util.BlockCallHttpServletRequest needs 
to be extended with input handling and 
o.a.c.blocks.components.BlockSource need to implement ModifiableSource 
and o.a.c.blocks.BlockProtocol needs to take care of the input.

I extended the HttpClientSource to be postable long time ago 
( as part of some code 
for handling web service calls within pipelines. I never applied the 
patch as we had some disagreement about if it was a good idea to use web 
services from Cocoon in this way.

The critique was mainly about my extension of the 
SourceWritingTransformer, I still think it would be a good idea to have 
postable sources and especially to make the block protocol postable.


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