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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: isolate the pipeline "component" from rest of cocoon
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 01:43:32 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> If we want to factor out the pipeline functionality to an own block that 
> doesn't depend on the rest of Cocoon it will certainly be a lot of work. 
> But I think it would be worthwhile anyway as it would increase usability 
> and make the architecture easier to follow and maintain.

I'm not that sure that pipelines should be extracted first. One would think that 
it is a sitemap engine that is logically sitting on top of pipelines.

    | Env Impl + Sitemap Servlet  |
    | Sitemap Engine              |
    | Environment API + Pipelines | Sitemap Components |
    | Container + Core Components                      |

> We should IMO strive towards a layered architecture where we have a 
> sitemap (treeprocessor) block that depends on a pipeline block. Where 
> the pipeline block contains the pipeline, pipeline components and the 
> environment as well as numerous classes supporting them.

Sounds good. Only point is that we should start with outermost layer first - 
extracting CocoonServlet first, following by sitemap engine, and only then 
pipeline block.

> Taking a look at the pipeline code there are some dependencies on that 
> would need to be removed. The ProcessingPipeline interface depends on 
> the class o.a.c.sitemap.SitemapErrorHandler that in turn depend on 
> treeprocessor stuff. It would be better to create an interface e.g. 
> PipelineErrorHandler that the ProcessingPipeline depends on.


> There is also a Processor.InternalPipeline descriptor that is used for 
> the error handling within the pipeline implementations. It would IMO be 
> better to move this internal class from the Processor interface to the 
> components.pipeline package.

That's new for 2.2, I don't see it in 2.1. No objections for the move here also.

> Both these changes affects interfaces, but I would be surprised if 
> anyone have implemented Processor or ProcessingPipeline outside our code 
> base, so it shouldn't matter that much.

Since InternalPipelineDescription is 2.2 only, it was not released yet.
SitemapErrorHandler can implement PipelineErrorHandler without affecting anybody.

> The AbstractProcessingPipeline gets its SourceResolver through 
> EnvironmentHelper.getCurrentProcessor().getSourceResolver(), we need to 
> use dependency injection for it instead to make the implementation 
> easier to reuse outside the treeprocessor.

         // TODO (CZ) Get the processor set via IoC
         this.processor = EnvironmentHelper.getCurrentProcessor();

AbstractProcessingPipeline does not even use processor, only resolver. (Did not 
check derived classes though).


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