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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: isolate the pipeline "component" from rest of cocoon
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 12:39:53 GMT
Renaud Bruyeron wrote:
> Therefore I would really like to be able to isolate the pipeline from 
> the rest of cocoon, and be able to configure and instantiate it alone.
> I would like to do things like this:
> Generator producer = MyFactory.newGenerate(...);
> XMLConsumer consumer = MyFactory.newConsumer(...);
> pipeline.generate(producer, consumer);

It is possible to use pipelines directly, it would look something like:

   ...setup container...

   ProcessingPipeline pipeline = new [Non]CachingProcessingPipeline();

   while (...) {
     pipeline.setup(new Parameters());

     // Pipeline will get generator from container
     pipeline.setGenerator("file", ...);
     pipeline.addTransformer("xslt", ...);
     pipeline.setSerializer("html", ...);

     Environment env = new BackgroundEnvironment(...);

> I am willing to dig around in SVN, however it would help a lot with a 
> few pointers. I could not find anything beyond 2.1.x on the 
> wiki/official site.

Cocoon 2.2 (spring based) is in trunk, Cocoon 2.1 (avalon based) is in branch.

> Do you have any pointers to things I should look at in SVN, or even if 
> what I am asking for is remotely possible?

It might be more complex than what you want but it's possible.


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