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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Named links in generated site docs (Re: updating the Cocoon website)
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:07:17 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> See the new section at
> to explain the quick way to update the Cocoon 2.1 docs.
> Any committer can do it.
> I followed this today (it has been 2 months since last update).
> However i don't have time to find out what is going wrong.
> Would someone else please follow up.
> ----------
> Some links in the lef-hand navigation menus are being changed,
> and named documents are becoming numbers, e.g.
> -<a href="">Contributing</a>
> +<a href="../2.1/1177.html">Contributing</a>
> Has a navigation file changed in Cocoon's Daisy.

Daisy does not store documents by name, it stores them by number. It is 
possible, via the navigation documents, to map a name to the number.

Forrest does its best to work to what the intended name is when creating 
links, in the same way that Daisy does.

The above problem is probably caused by (I have not verified this) the 
document in Daisy not being assigned a name in the navigation document.

If it's not this then we have uncovered a bug in the Forrest XSL that 
generates the links.

I've no time to investigate at present, but if someone can check the 
status of the Daisy navigation docs then it will at least tell us if we 
need to dig into the Forrest XSL.

> New documents are being added without names and not linked
> in to the navigation menus. Are these missing entries in a
> Daisy navigation file?

Not necessarily. It is possible to have documents that are not in a 
navigation menu but are linked from another page. However, as I 
understand it, if they do not have a mapping from node number to name in 
the Daisy navigation docs then they cannot appear with a name in the 
final output.

This is not a problem for new documents (no existing external links, 
therefore no broken links). However, if an old document is removed from 
a navigation page then the URL will change and any external links will 
break (which may be what is happening above).


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