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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [HEADS-UP] Cocoon 2.2 and java 1.5 revisited.
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 06:33:45 GMT
Hi Simone,

I agree with you, basically, it is a chicken egg problem, if we don't 
set java 1.5 as the minimal jvm, we will never start using typed 
collections, for-each etc. The fact is that most of us is using this new 
cool features and will be fine to use them in our cocoon code too.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

Simone Gianni escribió:
> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>> Does anything prevent us from having some blocks that require 1.5,
>> while the core and "core blocks" (we might need to define which ones
>> these are, but most of them are evident I thin) require 1.4?
> Nope, except that it could be a pain for users, but after all it would 
> go this way in any case, I don't think anyone is planing to rewrite 
> all blocks to use typed collections, for-each etc.. before the 2.2 
> release.
> Anyway I'm currently running a couple of 1.5 applications successfully 
> on 1.4 using Retrotranslater. Don't know if it works with cocoon : it 
> is not java 1.5, so it obviously works :)
> Considering that it would take years before moving the current code 
> base to 1.5, and we could defer moving core as the last part, 
> Retrotranslator could fill the hole while our most conservative users 
> consider the move to 1.5.
> We could experiment on a simple block to see if Retrotranslator works 
> correctly, and if it works agree on a plan on moving blocks to 1.5 
> progressively, moving core as the last part, taking enough time to be 
> realistic on our efforts and grant a smooth change.
> Maybe this could be a way to gain consensus?
> Simone
> P.S. Java 1.5 also brings another advantage : the xml-apis contained 
> in 1.5 is more or less the same we ship with cocoon (and since 1.6 is 
> so near, it will not change soon), and Xalan and Xerces have been 
> repackaged, that means that all the Shielding system is by far less 
> critical on 1.5. It's actually a big problem to have xml-apis in the 
> war, ever tried to use any JRE class writing or reading XML from 
> inside a flow or a cocoon component, like Properties.toXml? 
> ClassCastException. Just remove the xml-apis and xmlParsers-api jars, 
> they are already in 1.5 in very similar versions, and everything seems 
> to work correctly.

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