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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [HEADS-UP] Cocoon 2.2 and java 1.5 revisited.
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 21:03:41 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz escribió:
> On 10/9/06, Antonio Gallardo <> wrote:
>> ...Just some question: it is the same for 2.1, right? What is 2 
>> different
>> blocks with different jvm requirement needs the same jar?...
> I was mainly thinking about 2.2, but in your case, if a jar is
> compiled for 1.4 it will work with 1.5, right?
I am thinking in 2.2 too. The above reference to 2.1 is just a sample of 
what we are repeating for 2.2. Because we claim 2.1 is java 1.3 when it 
fact few of us care about this compatibility and some blocks does not 
compile at all. This somehow makes us look like a buggy project. As a 
sample try to download the 2.1 and try to compile it as is shipped in 
java 1.3 it simply does not compiled.

Now answering your above comment: "Yes, but not the opposite".

The opposite case is what made me think about the problem we are 
overlooking. Please note, cocoon 2.2 will be around at least 2 years 
from now, in about 1 year java 1.4 will be in the same category as we 
look at java 1.3.1 now. I will try to describe the situation: "Nobody 
cares about it." Many (I would said: "most") of the cocoon developers 
does not have a java 1.3.1 version installed in his machines to 
compatibility test the code they are writing for cocoon this days, and 
this is not new, proof of that are the many times I needed fix some java 
1.3 incompatibilities for perhaps nobody, because seems like nobody uses 
java 1.3 with cocoon this days. But since I am a committer and I have a 
"contract" with our user community, hence I care about it. But this 
effort is worthless since also looks our user base also does not use 
this days java 1.3 at all."

Now, please add 1 year in the time and change jvm 1.3 with jvm 1.4 and 
read it again we will be in the same place wasting committers resources 
keeping a worthless compatibility. I can tell you how many times I 
needed to recompiled the sources, because the jar proect does not ship 
anymore a java 1.3 compatible jar. And this is why I am trying to call 
again to rethink this issue just before the official of 2.2, because if 
not I foresee a second round of the above described problems in a cocoon 
2.2 edition.

In some cases switching to a newer jar only means to copy a new jar into 
the right directory, in other cases it means rewriting some parts of our 
current components to make them run with the updated version, in this 
second case is where I see the problem. The proof of that is new qdox 
which API changed hence as a user it does not easy to switch unless he 
maintains his own components. Another perhaps more used component (I 
would said a critical one) is ehcache, each new version often introduce 
new API.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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