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From Lars Trieloff <>
Subject Re: Postable block protocol
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 19:24:39 GMT
Hi Daniel,

> A drawback with using the some extension of the VPCs for inter  
> block communication is that it ties the communications to the  
> specific sitemap component APIs, so they are not usable for  
> communication with non sitemap blocks.
> What I would propose is to create some new pipeline components that  
> calls postable sources, and make the block protocol postable. Then  
> we have four cases for the different combinations of XML or non XML  
> input and output respectably:
> non XML -> non XML
> <map:read type="service" src="block:b:/foo1"/>
> non XML -> XML
> <map:generate type="service" src="input.txt">
>   <map:parameter name="service" value="block:b:/foo2"/>
> </map:generate>
> XML -> XML
> <map:transform type="service" src="block:b:/foo3"/>
> XML -> non XML
> <map:serialize type="service" src="block:b:/foo4"/>

I think this is the way we should do it. Using the source interface  
it is possible to communicate with simple servlets, with the sitemap  
components, it is easy to use from the sitemap.

> A tricky thing is of course to get rid of buffering and serializing  
> followed by parsing steps for calls to services that have XML input  
> and/or output. But I think that 1) the problem is solvable and 2)  
> we don't have to solve it in the first implementation.

What is the exact interface that the BlockSource has to implement?  
Then I could start looking into implementing the interface.

Anyway: Is it possible to apply Alexander's original patch, as we  
need it in our application and it does not seem to invasive from my  
point of view?

Lars Trieloff

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