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From David Crossley <>
Subject updating the Cocoon website
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 07:54:42 GMT
See the new section at
to explain the quick way to update the Cocoon 2.1 docs.
Any committer can do it.

I followed this today (it has been 2 months since last update).

However i don't have time to find out what is going wrong.
Would someone else please follow up.

Some links in the lef-hand navigation menus are being changed,
and named documents are becoming numbers, e.g.
-<a href="">Contributing</a>
+<a href="../2.1/1177.html">Contributing</a>

Has a navigation file changed in Cocoon's Daisy.

New documents are being added without names and not linked
in to the navigation menus. Are these missing entries in a
Daisy navigation file?

Author: crossley
Date: Tue Oct 10 23:54:57 2006
New Revision: 462716

Update the 2.1 docs generated from Cocoon's Daisy.

    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1065.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1171.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1174.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1175.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1177.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1186.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/1187.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/359.daisy.img   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/799.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/801.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/802.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/803.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/804.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/806.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/856.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/860.daisy.html   (with props)
    cocoon/site/site/2.1/861.daisy.html   (with props)

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