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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: CForms: Upload Repeater
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:16:38 GMT

On 26 Oct 2006, at 15:56, Lars Trieloff wrote:

>>>> The usecase is that a user may add a number of file-upload  
>>>> controls to a repeater, select files for them, then submit them  
>>>> all in one go.
>>>> One problem is, that if you have file-upload controls on a form,  
>>>> that have a file selected, they get submitted when you click on  
>>>> the repeater's add button, as these action-events submit the  
>>>> whole form.
>>> This applies only to non-AJAX forms, I suppose.
>> No, this happens with Ajax-enabled forms
> But in this case the repeater's add-button should only do an ajax- 
> request and add the new contents behind the already existing  
> repeater-rows. So I think the main problem is making the repeater  
> AJAX-aware.

Repeaters are already Ajax-aware.
When you click to add a new row, the whole form is submitted, with  
the repeater's action button id in the hidden 'forms_submit_id'  
field. AFAICS, currently all form data is sent, but is not validated  
on the server.

Turning on Ajax in the form results in the whole form being submitted  
via Ajax techniques, a new hidden field 'cocoon-ajax=true' is  
created, this is detected by the response pipeline to filter and wrap  
any changes in the BrowserUpdate schema, which is used to inject  
those changes into the form.

This is how it already works.
The trouble for my usecase though is that all the form fields are  
submitted, when not all of it is 'needed' for the event to work  
properly on the server.

I am trying to work out if it is safe to somehow filter out a bunch  
of fields from this type of submit. Only sending enough data for the  
action to work.

>>>> I would like to change this behaviour but do not know if this  
>>>> will break some other usecases.
>>> Why do you want to change the behaviour? I think it is the common  
>>> behaviour in all non-ajax-enabled upload forms, so I don't see  
>>> the need. In your case you would, prior to uploading get the file  
>>> names from all upload fields in the repeater that already have a  
>>> value, store it in a hidden field, clear the original upload  
>>> field, send it to the server and when the server responds, you  
>>> will copy the file names from the hidden fields to the upload  
>>> fields, right? What happens if JS is deactivated?
>> Tricks like this are not possible (if I understood you right)  
>> there is no API for setting the value of file-upload controls via  
>> javascript. It is locked down as a security issue.
> Ok. I didn't know this

It makes things much more complicated ;)
But is very necessary .... otherwise you could programically copy any  
file off a user's computer =:-O

regards Jeremy

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