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From "Rice Yeh" <>
Subject Is catch (break | continue | return) supported?
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 18:27:36 GMT
  By reading mail archives, I know there are catch (break | continue |
return) stuff. Is it still supported. I cannot find any examples about them
in trunk. In the, it
seems telling me that rhino's 'finally' now support catch (break) function.
How about the other twos catch(continue | return). I have written a section
of code to use try-finally to release resource usage. But
FOM_Cocoon.suicide() is never called, so showForm() does not suspend the
javascipt interpreter. I use Javascript debugger to trace the code and find
that the execution just stays on 'return this.sendFormAndWait(uri, viewdata,
ttl);' in Form.prototype.showForm many times. It just does not go into
sendFormAndWait(). I just cannot find any documents about these things.


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