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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: Maven info wanted
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 19:36:51 GMT
One reply to all the others:

Leszek Gawron said the following on 27/9/06 16:25:
 > I have managed to create a single blog entry about starting a mavenized
 > cocoon application:
 > It enlists all the commands you need to enter to create a valid cocoon
 > application skeleton.

Yes I noticed and I'd love to hold you to your promise of more 
installments. With your permission I'd like to integrate it the Daisy 
pages that already exist.

Andrew Savory said the following on 27/9/06 13:10:
> Sounds like a good thing to work on at the hackathon too, perhaps.


Jorg Heymans said the following on 27/9/06 16:19:
 > +1, Helma if you want i'll give you a hand getting past the initial
 > hurdles and writing things up in Daisy.

Good idea.

 > (that is, if JBQ hasn't made the maven build obsolete by that time)

I'm very curious to see Ant + Ivy building Cocoon.

I don't mind which one it's going to be eventually, but I think  that 
every build method needs links into the documentation of the project. 
Even links to Ant documentation as a courtesy to newcomers would be good.

Sylvain Wallez said the following on 27/9/06 15:09:
 > Hmm... not Cocoon-specific, but I'd like to suggest
 > and all its sequels
 > (related blog posts and comments)

I've read the initial post and all its comments. I didn't follow through 
to the other posts, because I recognized my previous experience in your 
post: I couldn't get Maven to comfortably build my project and it felt 
very arbitrarily and artificial to split my project according to Maven's 

I suppose that before I start putting a big effort into writing about 
builds with Maven, we could use the Hackathon to decide on Maven vs 
something else.

One more remark, something that was in the comments of your posts: Maven 
provides an easy way to build a consistent project website. I both agree 
and disagree. It's true that Maven gives you a consistent project site 
with the usual "what, who, where and how to install" stuff. I strongly 
suggest that Cocoon has a consistent way of providing this information 
in an easy to find place.
However, proper documentation about the USE of the project, be it Maven, 
be it Cocoon or any other project, needs quite different tools. Using 
Maven for the Cocoon documentation takes us back from Daisy to 
handcrafted xdocs.

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