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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Wildcard matcher matching wild things
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 05:50:00 GMT
Nathaniel Alfred wrote:
> The head of 2.1 contains a new WildcardMatcherHelper [1] to replace the
> rather obscure WildcardHelper [2] implementation.  WMH is now used for
> matching wildcard patterns in map:match.  
> Although the code is a lot clearer than WH, it is still very complex
> logic.  A number of bugs in the original WMH code have been fixed in the
> meantime, but a few more seem to be lurking..
> I recently fixed two bugs but now I am facing yet another one.  This
> time it is a false positive where "*" matches what should be matched
> only by "**".  Rather than submerging myself into the WMH code for
> fixing it I am inclined to rewrite the stuff one more time.
> Along the lines already discussed in  the thread following [1] I would
> use the regexp library to do the heavy lifting.  Since map:match is the
> most frequently executed pipeline instruction, speed is an issue.  That
> can be mastered by a) caching the compiled regexps and b) handling the
> simple pattern with a single * or ** as special cases without using
> regexps.
> At the same time regexps would also remove the known limitation that
> "**/*/*" cannot match because "**" is over-greedy in the current WMH
> implementation.

As you and Bertrand said, speed and compatibility are very important. If your 
new implementation takes care of both and is proved by tests, I don't see a problem.

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