Leszek Gawron said the following on 1/8/06 22:45: >>> http://rifers.org/blogs/gbevin/2005/4/11/embedding_images_inside_html >> >> I've read this, but I wonder if it would be suitable at all, >> notwithstanding the fact that IE doesn't support it and the majority >> of my users uses IE. >> >> Thanks anyway. > So you'll probably end up with the approach known since the tcp packages > were carried by pigeons: linking to images instead of embedding. True, but I fail to see the advantage of this approach. I've read the info and the comments and the only thing I got out of it was: a lot of hassle for the same result. If you could explain please do. My current (working) setup looks like this: - flowscript function calls cform for entering parameters. - parameters are stored in a javascript bean. - bean is passed onto a jx-template file: my-svg-pipeline: - generate svg with my dedicated svggenerator using parameters - serialize svg2jpg this works, at least in firefox on mac. I'll be testing it in other browsers asap. If this works well, I'm thinking of expanding it to show SVG rather than a jpg depending on the browser or a user preference. If you have a better/more elegant idea, please let me know. Bye, Helma